The Amazon Redtail is a powerful catfish found in the Amazon Basin and other parts of South America.

They have also been stocked in ponds throughout Thailand in recent years and that is where Gerhard managed to land this 19kg Redtail on an ADRENALIN 7ft Bass Master RUSH casting rod.



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ADRENALIN circle hooks are made from reinforced high carbon steel and are chemically sharpened. The hooks are available in all sizes from #2 to 12/0.

Using ADRENALIN circle hooks, Ruan Burger managed to land these fish recently. The galjoen and the mussel cracker were tagged before being released.



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To catch this aggressive predator one need to go into the rural areas of South East Asia. The jungle perch is part of the Cyprinidae (carp) family, but with the velocity and aggression that this carnivorous fish hits a topwater  lure, one would never say that it belongs to the same family as the common carp. When hunting in packs, huge shoals of them can be seen from a distance as they churn up the surface. If you’re lucky enough to get close to one of these, a big number of fish can be caught in no time.

Duane and Gerhard caught these jungle perch below in the Srinakarin Dam in Thailand last month.

Duane used the ADRENALIN Bass Master 7ft Rush rod and Gerhard the ADRENALIN Bass Master 7ft Versatile rod


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