The ADRENALIN Bass Master rods are extremely light and sensitive and come with unique camo coloured grips which make identifying rods easy when looking for a specific rod. All cranking rods have the blue camo grips and the Versatile and Allrounder rods come with green camo grips. The 2piece Rush range come in orange camo and also in a pink camo for the ladies. All these rods have slim profile blanks with a matt grey finish. The Versatile, Allrounder and Rush ranges are also available in a spinning or casting version.

The smallmouth bass below were caught with an ADRENALIN Bass Master Allrounder rod paired with an ADRENALIN ADR103 low profile baitcaster reel.


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Looking for an affordable but reliable baitcaster reel? The ADRENALIN ADR103 low profile baitcaster is not only well priced but with powerful gears, a computor balanced spool and precision bearings, you get a reel that won't let you down when fighting a fish. The ADRENALIN ADR103 showed that reliability again this weekend when numerous hard fighting smallies were caught.   


Bass, but especially smallmouth bass, just love to eat crabs. 

This 500g smallie was caught with a crab still in its mouth.


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Jacques Ackhurst, regular contributor to the Rock Surf ans Deep magazine and the man in charge of RASSPL Western Cape, caught this kob on an ADRENALIN 6/0 circle hook over the weekend. The kob weighed 7.2kg.

Great catch Jacques and thanks for the sending us the picture.

ADRENALIN circle hooks are available in all sizes from #2 to 12/0. ADRENALIN circle hooks are made from reinforced high carbon steel and are chemically sharpened.


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