The new ADRENALIN Xmaster 40 BLACK has been available for about a month now and the feedback on the reel has been unbelievable. At a very affordable price you can now own a reel that's not only reliable but also looks trendy and aggressive.  

The normal ADRENALIN Xmaster GOLD will still be available, as it is just too popular to take off the market.

All spares on both the BLACK and GOLD ranges are available. There is also a 1year warrantee on material and workmanship. This warranty does not apply to defects or damaged caused by misuse, alteration or normal wear and tear.


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The new ADRENALIN line is HERE. ADRENALIN fishing line is available in a saltwater and freshwater range. The saltwater line is available in diameters 0.30mm up to 0.50mm and in clear and yellow. The freshwater line is available in clear and brown (0.20mm up to 0.30mm). This strong line is not only great for casting but it has exceptional knot strength and is extremely abrasion resistant.

At the moment ADRENALIN line is only available in 600m spools but 100m spools would be available by the end of the year. More diameters will also be added to both the saltwater and the freshwater ranges.


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After much discussion on catching barbel in winter, we headed off to a private venue in the Swartland to see if we could get a few of the big boys to bite. Where do barbel hold in winter? In the shallows where the sun has warmed the water a bit or in deeper water where the temperature is more stable or near the reeds/structure? As this was the first time we fished this venue and had no idea what to expect we decided to start fishing close to the structure and try to find the area where the barbel were holding.

After about 10minutes of fishing we had our first run, but unfortunately no hook up. In the 24 hours after that we landed about 20 barbel, with the biggest one, caught by Stephan, weighing 11.80kg. All the barbel were caught using either 10/0 ADRENALIN or 12/0 ADRENALIN circle hooks and carp head as bait.

ADRENALIN circle hooks are available in all sizes from #2 to 12/0. ADRENALIN circle hooks are made from reinforced high carbon steel and are chemically sharpened.

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