The Hokkaido Fatty lures are available in 4 different colours - Hot Face (HFA), Ghost Shadow (GHS), Bleeding Head (BHE) and Black Spot (BST). These floating lures can dive up to 1 metre deep. Being only 50mm long and weighing a mere 6 grams, they are perfect for smaller fish species or reluctant fish. In Southern African waters they have proven to be deadly for small and largemouth yellowfish. 

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The ADRENALIN Carp Runner (pictured left) is an extremely smooth and reliable baitrunner reel perfect for carp fishing. The ADRENALIN Carp Runner 40 reel got a thorough testing over the weekend when numerous good-sized carp were landed. Of course the reel passed the test easily, AGAIN!

The ADRENALIN Carp Runner range must be one of the best value for money baitrunner reels on the South African market. The ADRENALIN Carp Runner reel has a powerful, smooth multi disk front drag system and a micrometric rear drag.

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ADRENALIN carp rigs are all made from the best quality Japanese Teflon (PTFE) Coated hooks. The rigs are available in sizes 2 and 4 and come 2 per package. The unique camouflage packaging of the ADRENALIN carp rigs can be seen on the left.

Currently the following 9 different rigs are available:

- Corn Rig (Artificial corn)                           - Standard Rig

- Pop Up Rig                                             - Snag Rig

- Claw Rig                                                 - Anti Blow Out Rig

- Combi Rig                                              - Fluoro Carbon Rig

- Fluoro Carbon Lead Core Rig

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