The topwater HB pencil baits are perfect for top water applications like walk the dog and popping. The special air holes behind the gills also create a bubble trail that will catch the fish's attention. The ADRENALIN HB baits are available in 2 sizes, 80mm and 100mm.

The ADRENALIN Yank Jerk is a sinking jerkbait that is at its most effective when twitched rather than retrieved like a normal crankbait.  It is very important to pause after each twitch. The ADRENALIN Yank Jerk is 80mm long, weighs 11grams and dive up to 1 meter.

For a great tip on how to fish a jerk bait in winter......

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After the great success we've had with our new range of lures last year, we've decided to expand the range a bit.

The BT10 cranks, Pro Shad lipless cranks and the very poplular Dragon Poppers are now joined by Yank Jerk jerkbaits and HB pencil baits.

We've also added the Zombie (pictured left) to the soft bait range which currently consists out of flukes, stickbaits, paddle tails and grubs.

The ADRENALIN Zombie with its tantalizing arm and leg action, is so versatile that it can be fished in any way imaginable. With small, thin arms that twitch with the slightest of rod movements, deadstick this bait to fool the most lethargic bass. For maximum underwater commotion fish it faster and see the arms, resistance wings and legs all come into action at once. It’s also a great flipping bait or excellent as a trailer bait on any type of jig. Excellent on its own, rigged Texas, Mojo or Carolina.

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This July we are launching our new range of baitrunner carp reels, the ADRENALIN PRO RUNNER.

The reel will feature a new advanced carbon front drag system, smooth, powerful gears and a trendy metallic design. 

With 10+1 ball bearings, a gear ratio of 5.5:1 and line capacity of 250 metres when using 0.25mm line, the ADRENALIN Pro Runner 40 reel (pictured left) is definitely going to be popular with both social and competitive carp anglers.

The ADRENALIN PRO RUNNER will also be available in a size 50.

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