Over the next few weeks we will be launching our brand new ADRENALIN XMASTER 50 PRO multiplier reel to tackle stores at various trade shows around South Africa.

The ADRENALIN XMASTER 50 PRO was specifically designed for fishing conditions in South Africa and Namibia. This multiplier reel is tough with a really high gear ratio, extremely strong drag and has a massive line capacity.

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         * * * AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2014 * * *

We will be launching a range of braided line from our Italian DIP agency this August. The braided line will be available in South Africa by September.

DIP MASTER FIGHT II EVO braided line is a new generation line, made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) nano fibres with unidirectional molecular structure. Thanks to the addition of a revolutionary lubricating fibre, this braided line features an outstanding smoothness and abrasion resistance. Extremely strong with exceptional knot strength and zero elasticity, the DIP MASTER FIGHT II EVO braided line offers fantastic precision and sensitivity for an amazing fishing experience. 

The DIP MASTER FIGHT II EVO is an extremely compact, round braid which offers great casting accuracy and distance. Due to a new improved production process, we can offer this fantastic braid at amazing affordable prices.

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Ruan Burger het die pragtige mosselkraker met 'n totale lengte van 90cm en die vurk lengte (fork length) van 82cm gevang op 'n 12/0 ADRENALIN sirkel hoek. Hy het ook 'n ADRENALIN XMaster 20 katrol gebruik.

Volgens ORI se lengte tot gewig tabel weeg 'n 82cm mosselkraker ongeveer 12.7kg. Die vis is getag en weer vrygelaat. Welgedaan Ruan.

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