The ALCEDO Modularis is a fantastic series of spinning rods with an unbelievable quality to price ratio. The ALCEDO Modularis spin series caters for all types of fishing from ultra light to bass to sea spinning, with rods available from 5’5” all the way up to 10ft and with casting weights starting as little as 2grams. The blanks are thin and fast, the original SeaGUIDE guides have SIC rings and stainless steel frames. The guides are perfectly placed to enhance distance and precision casting. 

The largemouth yellow fish below was caught on the ALCEDO Modularis 180-50 and the ALCEDO Piuma II F reel.

The ALCEDO Modularis 180-50 is an 6ft 2pc spinning rod with an optimal casting weight of 1/4 to 3/4oz and a line weight of 6-17lbs.

A large largemouth yellowfish landed on the ALCEDO Modulris 180-50 and 4kg ADRENALIN line.






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