Unlike most other lipless cranks, the ADRENALIN Pro Shad, has a relative slow sink rate, imitating dying bait fish which provokes aggressive hits on the drop. The ADRENALIN Pro Shad produces plenty of vibration through its tight wobbling action and noise through an internal rattle system. Available in 7 proven fish catching colours. 

The ADRENALIN Pro Shad is best fished around rocks, in and along grass, in open water or just burn it along the bank (or jetty). By simply changing the retrieved speed the ADRENALIN Pro Shad can be fished in all levels of the underwater column.

Another smallmouth bass that couldn't resist the ADRENALIN Pro Shad in Flaming Shad colour.

The full range of ADRENALIN Pro Shad lipless cranks.

Another fat Clan smallie....






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